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Tax Depreciation

We offer owners of income producing properties in the Sunshine Coast, Tax Depreciation Schedules detailing a yearly allowance breakdown for a period of ten years, commencing from date of settlement.

Did you know that 80% of property investors DO NOT claim depreciation? Why? Often it’s simply because they don’t know about it.

To claim depreciation, you need a Tax Depreciation Schedule put together by Quantity Surveyors like us, who specialise in tax work and know the ATO rules inside out. Most of our business comes to us via accountants, so we know we’re doing things properly.

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Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) refers to depreciation as ‘the phantom cash flow’. By that he means that depreciation is a deduction sitting in your property just waiting to be claimed. It’s not something where you spend money each year and try to claw some back, like rates and management fees. And depreciation claims are often huge!

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  The Tax Office will accept Tax Depreciation Schedules based on estimates prepared by a Quantity Surveyor (IT 2640). Estimates prepared by valuers, real estate agents, accountants or solicitors are not acceptable (TD 94/83) to the ATO.

We recommend that your Property Tax Allowance and Depreciation Schedules be prepared as soon as possible after purchase to assist you with cash flow planning. Please phone Bobby le Roux on (07) 5473 9926 or email to to obtain an obligation free quotation. Each property in the Sunshine Coast is individually inspected by a professional consultant to ensure the best results for you.